2016 Inspection Tour is being scheduled for August/September 2016

For more details, please contact us!

Each horse will get inspected in hand and at liberty.  Please see our handout on How to Prepare Your Horse for Inspection

The judge will score:

  • Conformation
  • Movement (three gaits)
  • Overall Impression
  • and will fill out a score sheet and will explain the results with the owner at the end of the inspection.

The best horses will get ribbons at each Inspection site and at the end of the entire tour.  We will calculate the Champions and will send ribbons, certificates and something special for the Grand Champion of the Inspection Tour.

Our inspection sites are open to all breeds. Horses are going to be presented on halter/bridle on hand and in liberty.(no riding or driving requested)
They are getting scored :
-         Conformation/Breed
-         Movement (all three gates/walk/trot/canter)
-         Overall impression
Each horse will get a full inspection report with a very detailed judgment of the horse description.
We would love to get an idea of our numbers for this year.  If you plan on attending an inspection, please send us a quick Email to let us know how many you may be bringing! 
2015 Inspection Tour Judge - Judith K. Warner

judywernerInternational Horse Judge
Judith K. Warner
1977 – 2014 (37 years)

Evaluator/Inspector - Friesian Horse Society - 2007, 2008 and 2011 - California, Illinois, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

Gypsy Vanner Horse Society- 2009 and 2010, 2012- Florida, Ohio and Texas

Presently United States Equestrian Federation national committees member: Andalusian/Lusitano committee; Friesian committee and Shetland committee

United States Equestrian Federation Friesian Judges Seminar Clinician - 2006 and 2007

I judge approximately 10-14 shows per year. In 2011 I judged national championship shows for 4 different breeds-Andalusian/Lusitanos; Arabians; Friesians and Gypsy horses, including 25 national and grand national championships, among them many international championships in countries; Canada, Brazil, Federal Republic of Germany, Great Britain, New Zealand, South Africa, The Netherlands, and in 2012 a national championship in Australia.

I am licensed to judge in 15 equine associations, including the following breeds; Andalusian/Lusitano; American miniature horse; American Shetland; Friesian Horse and Gypsy Vanner Horse

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